Goldhawk Bridge Restoration are specialists in sustainable rehabilitation and strengthening of bridges, tunnels and arches

Bridge propping to support works at Nant MafonParapet repair of a brick road bridgeUnsliven pontoon for works beneath a bridgeBridge strengthening using the PARS systemUnsliven site set up with scaffold

Goldhawk Bridge Restoration undertakes structural repairs, bridge strengthening and refurbishment. We specialise in the sympathetic rehabilitation and strengthening of masonry arch bridges. Our turnkey packages cater for the concealed cost-effective repair of all structural faults together with the necessary reinforcement to upgrade arches and parapets. This enables structures to meet modern load-bearing and impact resistance requirements.

Software for accurate surveys and design for every bridge restoration and repair

We use established and highly regarded computer analysis and design programs. Coupled with well proven repair products and non-disruptive concealed installation techniques, we provide high quality, environmentally friendly, economical and reliable solutions.

Bridge Restoration for Hampshire County Council

Increase the load bearing capacity of a bridge using the MARS system in New Forest National Park.

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Reedyford Bridge

Increasing load bearing capacity of a culvert to allow an extra lane of roundabout traffic

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