Structural waterproofing, cleaning and impregnation to protect masonry, concrete and steel structures

Weatherproof coatings for bridges, masonry, concrete and steel structures and arches

The weather, atmospheric conditions and location of a bridge structure have significant effects upon the weathering and degradation of its fabric. We provide clients with advice and installation of a range of structural waterproofing, cleaning, impregnations and coatings systems.

Masonry Structures

Cleaning, repointing, iGap internal water control system, breathable water repellants

Concrete Structures

Repairs to concrete and reinforcement, anti-corrosion systems, cleaning and weather-proofing anti-carbon coatings.

Steel Structures

Removal of coatings, steel preparation, cleaning and corrosion prevention together with weather-proof coating systems.

Structural waterproofing with the iGap System

Goldhawk have been fundamental in developing the iGap system with Helifix and Normet. The purpose of the system is to structurally reconnect rings of an arch with Helifix stainless steel ties whilst at the same time using the drilled holes for the anchors to carry out interstitial grouting of the masonry to prevent water percolation through the masonry from the deck dissolving the mortar.

Benefits of the iGAP system

  • Solves arch ring separation.
  • Locks the rings together for greater strength.
  • Uses tried and tested Helifix stainless steel helical anchors.

  • Only requires small diameter holes to be drilled.
  • Utilises the same holes for grout injection for installing the structural ties, reducing labour costs.
  • Fast, efficient installation reduced contract time.

  • Injection of single component polyurethane grout (Normet Tampur150).
  • Reacts with moisture in the masonry.
  • Completely fills all interstitial gaps in the masonry to create a water control shield.

Installing arch pins for the iGap system

Installing arch pins in a pre-drilled hole

Arch pins ready to be driven to depth.

Arch pins ready to be driven to depth

iGap, arch pin driving

Arch pin driving

Injection packer inserted

Injection packer inserted

Injection packer inserted over the driven arch pin ready for PUR150 resin grouting. Packer is removed and the brick 8mm access hole plugged with matched mortar on completion.

iGap system with the resin grout applied and matched mortar

Injection packers in situ

Mortar joints are repointed prior to injection to restrict leakage. The resin is injected at pre-calculated centres to ensure consistent grouting across the arch.

Grouting arches with a void behind

Grouting arches with a void behind

The iGap system using a non-return valve with a 16mm diameter fit.