Experts in repair and strengthening of masonry arches, bridges, tunnels and parapets

Goldhawk Bridge strengthening systems UK

State of the art software assessment and design, proven repair products and techniques with high standards of professional installation.

  • Structural surveys, assessment and design using in-house computer programs ASSARC and MARSYS backed by professional indemnity insurance.
  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of masonry and concrete bridges and tunnels.
  • Strengthening of masonry arches and parapets with our patented MARS and PARS system
  • Masonry construction and restoration using lime mortars and traditional materials and techniques.
  • Repair and refurbishment of mild steel, cast and wrought iron structures.
  • Structural repairs and strengthening using carbon fibre and FRP materials.
  • Concrete repairs.
  • Installation of proprietary ground anchoring and micro-piling systems for support and retaining structures.
  • Overall project management.