Protection and flood proofing of masonry bridges, arches and parapets ensuring optimal flood resistance

Goldhawk Bridge Restoration collapsed road bridge

A significant further advantage of the MARS System is that it prevents masonry bridges from being washed away during heavy flood conditions.

These bridges are a valuable part of our heritage with a grace and beauty that enables them to enhance any landscape in which they are situated. They should never be replaced with structures with a large carbon footprint if it is at all possible to preserve them.

Flood proofing masonry arches

Given our worsening climate change scenario and associated more extreme weather conditions, it is recommended that serious consideration be given to installing the MARS System into all masonry bridges that can be considered at risk to future flood conditions.

Additional structural repair services

Goldhawk also has expertise in scour control, including the construction of aprons around pier foundations. Our sister company, StressUK Ltd offers a unique foundation rescue service to strengthen the ground under existing foundations.

Goldhawk Bridge strengthening

The MARS System

A significant benefit of the MARS System is that it can be be used to flood proof masonry bridges.

Goldhawk flood damage to bridges

Possible initial damage to parapet

Under flood conditions,  often, the parapet is the first to fail.

Goldhawk Bridge strengthening – catestrophic damage by flooding

Catastrophic flood damage

The uplift pressure from the flood waters can cause the barrel to fail.

Goldhawk Bridge strengthening using the MARS system

Preservation and restoration

The MARS System prevents the barrel from breaking up and preserves the integrity of the bridge.