The Goldhawk Ethos is about service, sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We preserve our rich heritage via collaboration and quality.

About Goldhawk Bridge Restoration and strengthening services

The Goldhawk ethos

Goldhawk is committed to providing a first-class bridge strengthening and restoration service. We develop close working relationships with our clients which allows both parties to achieve mutual benefits through effective collaboration.

Through a policy of trust, openness and collaboration, Goldhawk Bridge Restoration aims to deliver best value solutions that meet clients’ needs, aims and objectives.

To achieve these goals we offer clients a full service that includes advice and technical support, designed repairs and strengthening systems, quality installation and on-site back-up. All designed to ensure customer peace of mind and to foster close working relationships.

Masonry arch bridges are the most sustainable structures in existence today. They were generally constructed using local labour and materials and have lasted hundreds of years with minimal maintenance. These bridges are part of our National Heritage and Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd is committed to preserving and enhancing these historic structures ensuring they function to modern loading requirements for many years.

Goldhawk’s approach

  • Understanding clients’ aims and objectives.
  • Working together to achieve pre-agreed goals.
  • Establishing clear lines of communication.
  • Providing cost-effective reliable bridge repair solutions.
  • Adopting an open, honest, flexible approach.
  • Using techniques that minimise energy usage
  • Accepting responsibility by supplying complete turnkey packages.

Over 300 arches in the United Kingdom have now been rehabilitated and strengthened using the MARS System.