Bridge restoration, repair, rehabilitation and enhancement of retaining structures. Both historic and modern.

Goldhawk Bridge Restoration collapsed road bridge

Restoring bridges with sympathetic repair

Masonry arch bridges are the most sustainable structures in existence today. They were generally constructed using local labour and materials and have lasted hundreds of years with minimal maintenance. These bridges are also part of our heritage and should be preserved and restored if at all possible. The MARS System enables such bridges to be upgraded to modern standards and hence avoid replacing them with new structures with their associated large carbon footprint.

The Mars System does not add weight to the structure, reduce the elevational area, alter the appearance of the structure or require a road closure. It preserves the inherent flexibility of masonry arches; improves structural behaviour and elastic response; cures/prevents ring separation (the principle mode of failure of brick arches under cyclic loading) and it is cheaper than other practical alternatives. Statutory undertakings are not disturbed and the integrity of the system can be easily inspected in future years.

Carbon Fibre and Kevlar bridge strengthening

In addition to rehabilitation and strengthening of masonry bridges we also carry out concrete and steelwork repairs to composite structures. Carbon Fibre strengthening of reinforced concrete and steel elements will increase load bearing capacity and r.e. column wrapping in Kevlar fabric will increase impact resistance and structural stiffness.