Protection and flood proofing of masonry bridges, arches and parapets ensuring optimal flood resistance

Weatherproof coatings for bridges, masonry, concrete and steel structures and arches

The unique parapet strengthening system offered by Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd can also be used to strengthen parapets against flood forces.

We also have expertise in scour control and in constructing aprons around pier foundations. Our sister company, StressUK Ltd, offer a unique foundation rescue service to strengthen the ground under existing foundations.

Flood proofing a bridge

The MARS System

A significant benefit of the MARS System is that it can be be used to flood proof masonry bridges.

Flood proofing – parapet damage

Initial damage to parapet

Under flood conditions,  often, the parapet is the first to fail.

Flood proofing – failure of the barrel

Catastrophic flood damage

The uplift pressure from the flood waters can cause the barrel to fail.

MARS preserves the bridge

Preservation and restoration

The MARS System prevents the barrel from breaking up and preserves the integrity of the bridge.